Clifford Brooks would like to acknowledge the contributions of Ms. Nadine Dominguez-Kern.

John DeLooper would like to recognize his wife Amanda Beltran for her support and assistance in this project. Special thanks as well to the staff at Princeton University’s Department of Rare Books and Special Collections,  whose Cotsen Children’s Library and Diana R. Tillson Collection proved to be the most essential source in compiling this bibliography, and whose staff, including Christie Lutz, Annalee Pauls, Linda Bogue,  Andrea Immel, Ian Dooley, Sandra Calabrese, and Linda Oliveira, were especially helpful in preparing this project.

Special thanks also to Julia Hurwitz and the staff of the the children’s section of the DC public library, who proved to be model examples of library service in providing great suggestions and helping track down books, many of which were not found in any other collections.